Adventures With The Hoff - S1 - In Development


Genre: Travel & Adventure

Network: TBA

Production Status: In Development

Episodes:6 x 60 minute

Filming Locations: Worldwide

Production Company: Elysium Media & Post & Jam


Join David Hasselhoff as he travels the planets most exotic destinations sampling the cuisine, immersing himself in the culture and diving the most converted sites in the world.

Each episode David will sample the delicious traditional cuisine of the country he is visiting, allowing viewers to experience the tastes and aromas through David unique & hilarious story telling style.  He will journey across the country meeting locals and learning about the culture and people whilst visiting its most famous and strangest landmarks and attractions. 

At the end of each episode, Davids journey will take him to his next Dive site where David will dive an explore the country from underwater, showing viewers the unseen and most beautiful sights the country has to offer.