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Destination Unknown - S1 - Pre Production


Genre: Travel Documentary Series

Network: TBA

Premieres: TBA

Production Status: Pre Production

Episodes: 6 X 45 minute

Filming Locations: Worldwide

Production Company: Elysium Media


After 2 years of lockdowns across the globe, people around theworld are looking for a new way to holiday. home swapping!!

In 2021 traveling was an impossible dream. Most of the world's borders were closed and if they were open, travelers faced lengthy quarantines and the dreaded nasal swabs! It was a nightmare however, finally the world is opening up!

But Covid changed us. Gone are the days when travelers crave crowded resorts and tourist attractions. Now we are seeking out more bespoke holiday experiences in safer, non crowded environments.

Expert traveler, star of Netflix worldwide hit travel show, "Instant Hotel" and top 1% tripadvisor reviewer, Serena DC is the queen of Home Swapping and creating amazing travel experiences walking the road less traveled.

Home swapping allows travelers to enjoy amazing holidays all over the world without the risk of exposing themselves to huge crowds & potential health issues. It also allows travelers to immerse themselves into what real life is like in the towns that they visit. Using the home owners travel guide, Serena & Sturt will explore each city like true locals enjoying the hook ups for food, entertainment and adventure.

This season Serena & her travel buddy Sturt are heading to the USA to explore 6 of the country's most iconic states. Each destination boasts a rich history, breathtaking landscape and unusual, quirky culture for Serena & Sturt to immerse themselves in and learn a little bit more about one the biggest countries in the world.

Each episode begins with the arrival at the home swap house. You heard right, no hotel, and don’t think this is purpose built Airbnb either. They will be staying in a real home, with all of the comforts that it provides.

The home owners will give Serena & Sturt a house tour then hand over their house manual which will contain all the experiences Serena & Sturt will enjoy over the next 48 hours.

These activities wouldn’t be complete without the “hook ups”. The fun part of traveling with the help of a local is all the people they can introduce you to and show you the things that you normally wouldn’t see if you were just a regular tourist.

Each episode our Serena & Sturt will be up for three different experiences. Something out of the box, a culinary treat, and an adventure.