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Chasing Crop Circles - Feature Documentary - Pre Production

Genre:Documentary Feature Film

Network: TBA

Premieres: TBA

Production Status: In Production

Runtime90 Minutes

Filming Locations: UK & USA


We know we are being visited by craft & beings from other planets, but we have never known why… until now. 

For years we have been seeing mysterious crop circles form in fields across the world. Some people believe they are man made but with their massive scale and intricacy, there are others who believe, with absolute certainty, that some crop circles were made by UFO’s. Up until 2020 it was easy to dismiss these believers as there had been no real proof that UFOs existed, but now with confirmation from the Pentagon that we are not alone, the notion that these crop circles were made by UFO’s is highly probable.  Taking a deep dive into the phenomena, Investigative Filmmaker Serena DC travels the globe to speak with experts, scientists and crop circle enthusiasts to try to figure out if these circles are a hoax or, if they are real. And if they are real, who are making them and why? What is their message for humanity? Experts in language and ufology join together to decipher the words and symbols encrypted within the crop circles to finally unlock the messages being sent to us by beings from other worlds.