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The Visitors - S1 - Post Production


Genre: UFO & Paranormal

Network: TBA

Production Status: Post Production

Episodes:10 x 45  minute

Filming Locations: Worldwide


The Visitors the series is an opportunity for the audience to hear the full stories that didn’t make the cut of the documentary We are not alone. 

As we were making the documentary feature film “We Are Not Alone” we realized there’s so much people need to know about our star brothers and sisters that simply won’t fit in a 90 min documentary.

The series will show never before seen footage of the encounters that Investigative Filmmaker; Serena DC had with the experts in the ET and UFO community. These conversations will take the audience into a deeper understanding of ETs and UFOs and the different possibilities when it comes to communicating with them and what they have to teach us.

The season will feature ten experts. One per episode. Each of them has a different experience and a different message about or from these beings that are trying to communicate with us.


Serena DC - Investigative Filmmaker

Serena is a documentary filmmaker, reality star & talk show host, starring in titles including “Hollywood Disclosure with Serena DC” (Pluto) & “Dream Life” (Pluto), both of which made it onto the 2021 Emmy Awards Ballot. Serena is also the star of the Netflix reality series, "Instant Hotel" and the feature films "We Are Not Alone", “My Transparent Life” & “Contact - The CE5 Experience” where she takes on the lead role as an Investigative Filmmaker. Serena is in Post-Production for the reality series "Life Unfiltered" & season 2 of "Hollywood Disclosure with Serena DC”

Dr Steven Greer

Dr Greer has been part of the UFO community for decades. He has developed several protocols to be able to communicate with ETs. He has released several movies on the subject and an app to facilitate communication with other life in the universe. 

Jacques Valee

Jacques is a French computer scientist and ufologist. He has studied his whole life to be able to explain the UFO and ET phenomenon. In the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Spilberg has based one of his characters on Jacques.

Paola Harris

Paola is a journalist that has only one mission, to tell the truth. She has been following leads on ETs and UFOs for decades and currently organizes a UFO conference in Laughlin one a year to bring the community together and spread the word. 

Adam Curry

Adam is an inventor and tech entrepreneur. He has been developing technology to help humanity to expand their consciousness. He’s currently developing an app to connect people and reach his goals of global consciousness. 

Jimmy Church

Jimmy Church is a TV and radio host. He has participated in several shows and movies about ETs and UFOs. He hosts the talk show Fade to Black which creates a safe space to talk about the supernatural and conspiracies.

Meisha Johnston

Meisha Johnson is a medium who has been in contact with aliens for years. She claims that she has been recruited to participate in the hybrid project. She also practices hypnotic regression and CE-5 meditations in the desert of Nevada.

Daniel Sheehan

Daniel Sheehan is a constitutional and public interest lawyer. He has defended several government officials that have decided to come forward and disclose their experiences with UFOs and ETs. He’s a big advocate that the ETs are trying to communicate so they can help us.

Yasmin Joyner

Yasmin Joyner is an animator that works in Hollywood. She had several encounters with ETs and has seen them in different forms. After entering this world of the supernatural, she created some interest in air bending and has been practicing with a master.

Andrea Perron

Andrea Perron is best known for being one of the family members of the real story of the movie “The Conjuring”. Her supernatural experiences include interaction with UFOs and ETs. She has developed her own methodology to CE-5 and has experienced several spectacular sights.

Jim Myers

Jim Myers is a sasquatch specialist. He has communicated with them in different forms and claims that some experts say that the big foot has connections with ETs and could potentially even be an ET species.