creating transformational film & television with the mantra - "it's cool to be kind"

We create TV series and documentaries in line with our brand mantra that "Its cool to be kind". Our series are inspirational, motivational and designed to give our viewers and uplifting experience.

Yes we offer a full range of production services. We own a full range of equipment and have studios in the UK, USA and Australia. Contact us to discuss how we can help you bring your series or documentary ideas to life.

We have fully operational studios in London England, Los Angeles USA and Melbourne Australia.

With extensive contacts in the USA, UK and Australia we are able to get your series green lit and help you to have your project picked up by a worldwide distributor.

Yes. As aggregators we can get your series approved to air on demand on all of the above streaming platforms in as little as 2 weeks!

Yes we can! Check out our sister company Brandsparkle who can help you to fund your series through product placement!