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Closure with Caroline Cory - S1 - Released

Genre:Documentary / UFO / Paranormal

Network: Unifyd TV

Production Status: Released

Episodes: 6 x 45 minutes

Filming Locations: Los Angeles

Production Company: Elysium Media & Unifyd TV


In this series Caroline Cory uses special abilities and unique methodology to help her clients who have experienced Alien Abduction, to access their subconscious mind and retrieve the root cause of an important issue / block in their lives. The technique involves cellular reprogramming, intention, light / sound / geometry, time suspension and zero point clearings. The viewer will observe Caroline retrace back the frequency of the issue as it got embedded in the different organs of the subject’s body.  

What surfaces is the unraveling of the pattern / story and a realization of the true root cause that created the issue in the first place. At times, the root cause might come from childhood, or it might be a past life or an off planet experience.  The episodes will have different subjects that are relatable to most people: blocks in abundance, relationships, health, intimacy, career and life’s higher purpose etc. The process is fascinating to observe and experience. More importantly, when the viewer tunes in, they will also benefit themselves from the actual re-programming, the release and the clearing that occurs.