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Beyond the Crater - Feature Film - Pre Production


Genre: UFO / Paranormal

Distribution: TBA

Premieres: TBA

Production Status: Pre Production

Runtime90 minute

Filming Locations: USA

Production Company: Elysium Media

Synopsis:  Volcanoes are one of the most mysterious and n visited wonders of the natural world so it is no surprise that UFO's, orbs or light and extraterrestrials are being seen in their 1000's every year at the sight of volcanoes around the world.


Serena De Comarmond

Serena is a documentary filmmaker, reality star & talk show host, starring in titles including “Hollywood Disclosure with Serena DC” (Pluto) & “Dream Life” (Pluto), both of which made it onto the 2021 Emmy Awards Ballot. Serena is also the star of the Netflix reality series, "Instant Hotel" and the feature films "We Are Not Alone", “My Transparent Life” & “Contact - The CE5 Experience” where she takes on the lead role as an Investigative Filmmaker. Serena is in Post-Production for the reality series "Life Unfiltered" & season 2 of "Hollywood Disclosure with Serena DC”


Adam Curry

Adam is an inventor and tech entrepreneur. He has been developing technology to help humanity to expand their consciousness. He’s currently developing an app to connect people and reach his goals of global consciousness. 

Andrea Perron

Andrea Perron is best known for being one of the family members of the real story of the movie “The Conjuring”. She will return to the farm where all the haunting happened and experience the supernatural.