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The Hypnotist - S1 - Pre Production


Genre: Reality Follow Documentary

Network: TBA

Premieres: TBA

Production Status: Pre Production

Episodes: 12 x 30 minute

Filming Locations: Los Angeles

Production Company: Elysium Media & Marczell Entertainment


Marczell is a success coach and considered by many as the world’s best hypnotist! He is on a mission to help people to overcome the crippling fear, anxiety and trauma that has been holding them back from leading their best lives.

Each episode we meet two of Marczell’s clients who share the harrowing stories of how their mental prisons have affected their lives, relationships, and family. They will then travel across the country to meet with Marczell and experience a spine-tingling session with Marczell who, through a combination of mentoring and hypnosis will help them to let go of the negative thoughts and addictions that have been holding them back, allowing them to move forward with their lives, completely fearless and free.

Experience the life changing and powerful moments when Marczell’s clients smash through their fears and open their eyes to a powerful new world filled with confidence, optimism and inner peace.

The Hypnotist. Healing the world, one beautiful mind at a time.