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Uncancelled - S1 - Pre Production


Genre: Reality

Network: TBA

Production Status: Pre Production

Episodes: 6 x 30 minute

Filming Locations: USA

Production Company: Elysium Media & Glazers Media


The last few years in American media culture have been some of the most disruptive in all of history.  With everyone battling for who can be the most politically correct, mobs of anonymous internet trolls have found new power in being able to cancel anyone who doesn’t submit to their woke narrative.

No one is safe from the cancel mob.  Cancelations can range in severity, such as Ellen losing her TV show and income for supposedly being a bully, to Ron Jeremy being incarcerated without a trial for alleged sexual misconduct. 
The most dangerous and unfair cancelations, are the ones where the victim of the cancel mob proves their innocence, yet are still found “guilty by media” - their lives and careers ruined simply because a group of people teamed up to take them down and the media supported it. 

Careers ended, sponsorships lost, legacies ended.

Meet Vito Glazers, Hollywood’s #1 reputation management and media relations expert who has been navigating the treacherous waters of cancel culture since he first experienced being a victim of an internet mob over a decade ago.  

Having to navigate through death threats for sharing his political views, surviving being the target of two government lawsuit hits against him, exposing a corrupt and unconstitutional parenting court, and constantly being attacked online for his support of free speech and the truth.  Vito Glazers has survived it all, and has dedicated his life to helping others get justice.

Uncanceled follows Vito Glazers and his network of experts, as they help celebrities and public figures who have been canceled get a chance to tell their side of the story, lay out the facts, redeem themselves if necessary, and start new lives and careers.  Uncanceled is the most important and culturally relevant show of our generation, helping redeem those who have been victims of woke mobs, while it aims to educate, entertain and enlighten viewers to the dangers and injustices of cancel culture, and the war on free speech in America.