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Dreamverse - Feature Documentary - Pre Production


Genre:Documentary Feature Film

Network: TBA

Premieres: TBA

Production Status: Pre Production

Runtime:90 Minutes

Filming Locations: USA & Indonesia


In the film "Dreamverse" viewers are invited on a captivating exploration into the mysteries of the human mind, led by award-winning investigative filmmaker Serena DC. With her keen insight and expertise, Serena guides audiences on an immersive journey to uncover the secrets hidden within our nocturnal experiences, drawing upon the knowledge of esteemed experts in the field of dreams.

Exploring four key realms of inquiry—dream interpretation, insomnia, sleep paralysis, and cutting-edge scientific research—the documentary sets out to unravel the enigma of consciousness during sleep. Along the way, Serena encounters luminaries such as Dream Therapist Jane Teresa Anderson, renowned consciousness expert Adam M. Curry, and the esteemed team of scientists from the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in Kyoto, Japan.

Dream Therapist Jane Teresa Anderson shares her wealth of experience and expertise in deciphering the symbolism of dreams, offering profound insights into the workings of the subconscious mind. Renowned consciousness expert Adam M. Curry provides invaluable perspectives on the nature of consciousness during sleep, challenging conventional notions and sparking thought-provoking discussions.