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Elevated Healing with Pete & Roxy - S1 - Pre Production

Title –Elevated Healing with Pete & Roxy

Status – Season 1 is currently in pre-production. 

Distributor - Ad Astra Distribution

Link to Trailer –Coming Soon

Link to Episodes - Coming Soon

Genre –Scripted Reality 

Duration –23 minutes x 8 Episodes

Production Company – Elysium Media

Target Audience –25 – 55 Female / Male who enjoy series about personal transformation, wellness & alternative medicine.


In "Elevated Healing," meet Pete and Roxy, two vibrant and hilarious spiritual healers from Australia, known for their infectious laughter and boundless energy. With two kids in tow, they embark on a life-changing journey from Down Under to the sunny shores of Los Angeles, California.

Driven by a deep desire to help others heal from ailments such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and childhood trauma, Pete and Roxy dive headfirst into the vibrant and diverse healing scene of LA. In Australia, they were limited to traditional medicine, but in LA, they discover a treasure trove of alternative healing methods, including DMT, ayahuasca, mushrooms, and marijuana.

Each episode of "Elevated Healing" follows Pete and Roxy as they immerse themselves in a new alternative medicine, eager to explore its potential for healing. From soul-searching journeys with ayahuasca to mind-expanding experiences with DMT, Pete and Roxy fearlessly navigate the realm of unconventional healing, all while maintaining their infectious humor and zest for life.

As they document their adventures, Pete and Roxy aim to show audiences the transformative power of alternative healing methods. Through laughter, love, and a touch of Aussie charm, they inspire viewers to explore their own paths to healing and embrace the limitless possibilities of holistic wellness.

Join Pete and Roxy on "Elevated Healing" where laughter meets enlightenment, and every journey is a step toward healing.