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Instant Hollywood Celebrity - Featured Role in Reality TV Series


Become a featured cast member of a Reality TV series airing in the USA this year on a Tier 1 network.   The series will also air in other countries around the world and on Amazon Prime with an estimated viewership of Million's in the first year.

As a Cast Member you will be given multiple speaking scenes across at least 50 % of the seasons episodes.

You character will be developed throughout the season with focal storylines

You will be part of the cast pictured on billboards throughout Los Angeles

You will be featured in opening titles of each episode

You will receive full Cast Member credits in closing titles

You will get multiple episode cast member credits on IMDB

You will get multiple episode cast member credits on Wikipedia

You will have a Wikipedia Page created for you one the series beings airing

Hours of behind the scenes footage and photos, taken of you by a professional camera person and photographer

Footage from TV series will be given to you for you use across your socials


A professional photoshoot with Hollywood A-Lister Photographer

A meeting with a Hollywood Agent with guaranteed representation

A press release will be written for you and released through our celebrity PR partners

If you are interested in applying for an O1 Visa to work in the USA we will also work as your Petitioner (Sponsor) confirming you will be working on a TV series in LA.

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